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Storage and relocation

Prohibited to carry !!! Alcohol, weapons, cigarettes, prescription drugs, explosive and narcotic substances, and other laws prohibited articles and materials. Attention !!! During transportation in the case for Customs inspection confiscated, unauthorized shipment contained items we are not responsible! To learn more about permitted to carry the goods and their quantities, please visit w ww.cust.lt website or contact us transport@neldis.lt or M. Tel. (8-604) 54530.

In order to optimize the delivered goods cost and duration are not limited to just your company shuttle service. Our accumulated experience and cooperation between partners, we can offer:

• Bulk cargo tipper;

• Full load export / import, the place in any 92m3 trailers,

• Road trains 120m3;

• temperature-controlled products - refrigerators across Europe:


We carry a full / partial loads in these directions:


Germany France Slovakia Spain Norge
The Netherlands Austria Slovenia Denmark Estonia
Belgium Italy Belarus Sweden Latvia
United Kingdom Czech Republic Poland Finland Switzerland