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Adapting a flexible pricing system to meet your expectations, we offer you:


Without exception constantly collects shipments, nonstandard cargo to / from all over Europe:

  1. We promise expeditiously qualified service for everyone! We answer to all your inquiries 24/7 transport@neldis.lt;  info@neldis.lt  TEL.: +37060454530.
  2. Safe, smooth from shipment, small items, goods, especially fragile items, home appliances, housewares, office, from auctions, art products, building materials, electronic products, furniture and nonstandart constructions and other produce transportation to / from anywhere Europe country!
  3. We provide warranty !
  4. We offer you flexible price system: transportation, relocation, warehousing. The loading / unloading place we can arrive at your convenience Any day of the week / hour. When ordering a full package of services you will offer discounts!
  5. We work to both the physical and the legal entities'
  6. During transportation any cargo consignment from the smallest shipment to nonstandard construction are covered by compulsory insurance CM'R !!!   expensive goods transported by sealed with declarations, have all meant sealing licenses,
  7. Both import and export cargo duration of 2.3 days
  8. If necessary, the arrangement of the import and export documents, representing in customs.
  9. When not ordering the whole package we can offer comprehensive services: Available only for transportation from door-to-door partial / full load; Cargo loading / unloading our employees, furniture disassembly, packaging, transportation to a designated point of carrying services; Storage indefinitely in protected storage areas.
  10. Distribution services.
  11. Moving budgeting work for the minimum price from / to anywhere in the Europe from door to door (can be stored indefinitely in ours warehouses) We work under strict freight / delivery schedules, and provide a way to easily schedule the ordering and receipt of these terms, from the following European countries: Germany; Netherlands; Denmark; Norway; Sweden; Belgium; United Kingdom; France; The Czech Republic; Turkey; Slovenia; Slovakia; Austria; Italy; Spain and in the Baltic States - Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia.
  12. We specialize in express cargo transportation, delivering from your and to your specified location.
  13. MB “Logistikos tiekimas” provides both full and partial cargo import, export services (partial loads) direct ours tent trailers and cargo vans.     
  14. Without exception we are constantly collecting shipments, nonstandard cargo to / from all over Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Poland!!!  
  15. We can also offer transportation and other routes in Lithuania, according to your individual needs: Tel. +370 631 86949 Skype: live:neldis.egle
  16. We can also offer transfers and other routes according to your individual needs.